02 February 2010

So how far apart are God and Creation?

Tom Wright. Wow, what can you say about him? Some folks (mostly some of my Reformed friends who are in the John Piper Fan Club) don't like him and think he's wimp because he sorta demotes Paul to a lower status than Jesus. (Go figure.) But me, unashamedly I can say he's one of my theological heroes. He's probably one of the very best thinkers around today. He's intelligent, kind and articulate. He loves Jesus! Not is some kinda schmaltzy prom-song way, but in a devoted I-will-follow-Him way. I got to hang out with him a few years ago in the UK and he's really nice, witty and eats normal food. In this clip, he really helps us think about adjusting our lenses.

Give a look...

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