17 February 2010

The Book is here!

My book - Why God Thinks He Can Use You - is here!!!

After  - Why God Thinks He Can Use Youas my friend Ken Cline says - "a decade" of waiting  and writing, my book is here and available.  And needless to say, I'm a little pumped and a whole lot relieved.  (I hesitate to say - I've made this mistakes about writing before and been sorely chastened! Sorely! - but I'll say it anyway) It has been like birthing a baby to get these thoughts on paper/screen even though I teach these particular concepts often. 

In fact, I taught this course at Globe's IGM in Pensacola and at IGO's IGM in Mobile just recently.  And I love helping others discover how they show up best and hoe they are created to serve God.

So, give a look here and buy it, read it, apply it and let's change the world!

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