11 July 2011

Who’s the Boss?

Sometimes it seems that everybody wants to be the boss.
The Boss.  The the person in charge.  The visionary.  The guy who calls the shots.  The person who has the right to say, “My way or the Highway!”
So I came across this contrast of “bossiness” and “leadership.” 
The boss drives people; the leader coaches them.
The boss depends on authority; the leader on good will.
The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm.
The boss says 'I'; the leader says 'we.'
The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown.
The boss knows how it is done; the leader shows how.
The boss says 'go'; the leader says 'let's go!'
H. Gordon Selfridge 1864-1947, American-British retail magnate