27 June 2011

Why God Thinks He Can Use You

God is active in the earth today! And He wants to use everybody, everywhere to advance His Kingdom and do good! And God wants to use you!
WHY GOD WANTS TO USE YOU helps you understand both the "whys" and the "hows" of your usefulness in God's Big Mission!

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You know you want to!

19 June 2011

Celebrate the Jesus Movement!!!

The Alternative Jesus: Psychedelic Christ
My friend Andrew Jones reminds me that 40 years ago this week, Time Magazine explored the phenomena known as the Jesus Movement.
It's amazing that it's been 40 years! And yep - as much as you could be in Valdosta GA - Phyllis and I along with some other great folks were right in the middle of it! Jesus was being exposed as the radical, loving, saving Lord that He is and the Holy Spirit was energizing and sending us out to make disciples, begin churches and live life in Jesus Name. 

40 years!