28 January 2010

Thinking of how to steal second...

Neil Cole says a lot...

...I don’t know how it happened, but sometime in history we bought into a theology of safe. We think that we should do what is safe, for ourselves, for our families, and for our churches. In fact, we are convinced that anything that is unsafe must be outside of God’s will and is thoroughly un-American and un-Christian. A theology of safe is put in place as a defensive measure to avoid death. This leads us right down the path of self-preservation.

We often approach church and ministry with a theology of SAFE.

Safe is…

Self-preservation = our mission
Avoidance of the world and risk = wisdom
Financial security = responsible faith
Education = maturity

Does that not describe many of the churches, denominations or ministries you have encountered?

I'm convinced that we need to rethink how we take the Gospel to our worlds. (I use the world "worlds" on purpose, because we each have our own "world" of interactions, relationships and influence.) We need to rethink security and what it means to follow Christ into the world.

Jesus - by His Spirit - is already active in the world. Active among your neighbors, among the guys hanging on the street corner, among the folks at WalMart or SubWay or Starbucks. Our task is to risk a little, ,get out of the comfort zone and not be so blooming safe!

We've worked hard at not just being SAFE!

After all, you can't steal second with your foot on first!

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