03 March 2009

Sarah wrote a poem...

Sarah Anders is one of my 20-year-old friends in Saginaw, MI.  Sarah has a great heart to see and change the world.  Sarah spent the summer traveling and studying in Europe (I followed her on Facebook) and is planning to attend Globe's Next Step missions training camp this summer in Nicaragua with Phyllis and me. (Woo hoo!) 

I was in Saginaw at New Life Christian Fellowship recently and spoke about "Becoming a Dangerous People."  Sarah sent me the following poem she's written:

Dear Suburbanites,



You sleep when you should keep watch.

You sleepers.

You are warm and comfortable, but for what?

Where is your fire?

Why are you so fettered?

What really matters?


Take heart!

Ask your Father for courage!



Sleep no longer – allow yourself to be roused to action.

Listen to my heart –

            Hear its brokenness and move with me towards those who I wish to know me.


Be uncomfortable.       Be injured.       Be broken.       Be worn out.   

Be exhausted.  Be beyond your limits.

Trust me to give you renewal, to fill you so that you may pour out even more.


I love you. I know you to your depths.

But there’s more to it than you and me.

There’s more.

There’s so, so much more.


Give. It. All.

Don’t. Hold. Back.

Run. With. Me.

Die. And Live.

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