04 March 2009

Thinking about "coaching"

This week, I complete certification requirements as a Leadership Coach.

So what exactly is coaching and why in the world is Glenn Hatcher involved in this? 

For me personally it is a tool for my ministry toolbox.  Coaching is not about getting a whistle and cap.  (smile)  It's not about being a rah-rah on the sidelines.  Nope.  Coaches bring a process of discovery into the lives of those they coach.  Coaches help people who are "stuck" in some important place in their lives to move forward.

Coaching is not counseling.  Counseling is usually about something in the past messing with things in the present.  So a good counselor helps get those things dealt with - maybe even repaired - so that the present can be better.  But coaching is concerned not about repair, but about movement forward.  Coaching is about getting past obstacles and blockages in forward movement. 

And life is about some sense of progress.

Coaching as a Jesus follower is a bigger adventure.  It's kinda like triangulation with the Holy Spirit.  He speaks to the coach; He speaks to the person being coached and we all rejoice at the revelation.  The coach just helps the process.

But professional leadership coaching has very high educational and ethical guidelines.  I'm certified through an extensive learning process presented by an approved and registered organization with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  This is good for me

Here is a CNN article about coaching that explains a little about coaching.

And I'm pretty pumped about the whole thing.  I can see how I can help some folks move forward in their lives, relationships and ministry.

I'm up for coaching church-planters, missionaries and missionary candidates, church leaders and folks looking for progress in their lives.  I'm already coaching a few pastors and educators who are looking for change in their approach to life and ministry.

Getting stumped and stuck happens.  It just does.  But you don't have to stay there!

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