01 March 2009

Can we do "missions" and "church planting" better?

I keep thinking about doing "missions" better.  I'm OCD about doing it better!  I want churches to be more relevant.  I want "missions" to reflect the humility and reality of Jesus.

Both in the great mission field of North America and the rest of the world...

"Missions" is not about white Anglo-Saxon North Americans moving into the barrio for two weeks and doing rock-star events financed by gringo dollars in a way that local Believers can never do. 

"Incarnation" - looking like Jesus - is not that way.   It just isn't.  Jesus "moved into the neighborhood" and hung out there for a while. And the result were disciples who met together in what we call church.

"Missions" needs to look like "identification" - without losing one's identity.  And "church" need to look like "community."

And I'm pretty much obsessed with what I refer to as Gift-driven Teams of missionaries and church-planters.  Again OCD! (smile)  I don't see them very often.  We're still pretty much into Lone Ranger Missions, but that's another story...

I want the result of our missions and CP efforts to be reproducible in the culture where the church is planted.  I want it to reflect something of the world in which it exists. 

So, some months back I watched this video.  Now I'm sharing it with you.  Tell me what you think.  Anybody want to help do this?

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