19 March 2011

Learning about Church Planting Movements Part 7

How does this happen?

How do you get past 1st or 2nd generation??

The process of each week’s session – this is a TRAINING process

  • First 1/3 Change_Ahead_Road_Sign_2

    • pastoral care,

    • worship,

    • accountability (review and encourage),

    • Vision-casting

      • How did you obey the lesson last week?

      • Who are you sharing with? Who has believed?

      • When are you training them in the same process?

      • As trainers training trainers

  • Second 1/3

    • New Lesson (enough biblical content to obey)

  • Last 1/3

    • Practice & Prayer (Confidence to obey & train others and goal-setting with commissioning)

      • practice the lesson

        • it’s not what you know but what you actually do…

      • set goals and pray for them


Remember the Goal…

  • Build a trainer, not just a listener…ask questions that get you the desired result: training trainers who train
  • Don’t ask, just tell…



The Four Calls:

There are 4 calls we should listen for daily…

  • Up – from heaven

    • the call to go
    • Isaiah – who will go and whom shall I send?
  • Down – from down below

    • Lazarus and the rich man
    • Relatives calling out from hell asking for a witness to give news…
  • Outside

    • Paul’s Macedonian call
    • when I hear a spiritual call from an individual’s conversation
  • Inside

    • listening to my own spirit that tells me where to go…

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