17 March 2011

Learning about Church Planting Movements Part 6

Beginning the final day of drinking from the fire hose at the Globe (Missions) Network Summit in Germany… 

Whew! Just trying to listen, participate and type is pretty exhausting! So these notes are not comprehensive, but more what I can do in the midst of a lot of discussion, exampfirehoseles and introspection…

And – you know me – I’m reticent to make evangelism into a program that in any way dehumanizes or institutionalizes individuals.  Or that somehow makes them into objects or trophies.  Can’t stand that!  Just can’t stand that!  And I hope these notes don’t give the idea that that’s what we’re trying to do. No!  God forbid! Programs don’t impact people.  Love and concern impact people.  It’s about dying, lost people who have found life, reaching out to others to share that life!  This is about helping people experience the grace of God through Jesus Christ.  It’s not about cookie-cutter programs, but about principles and methods to disciple nations.  It’s about a biblical response to the world’s lostness.  And “lostness” is something we all know something about.  Losing our way.  Walking in a fog.  Living without purpose or direction – whether for a moment, a month or a lifetime.  Lostness.  And separated from the loving interaction of a Heavenly Father…

Anyway, here we go again….

We begin the day with worship and prayer.  Prayer and intercession especially for Libya and those who are caught/involved in the conflict in Benghazi.

We ask each other (in Chinese tradition), “Have you eaten? What has God fed you? How will you obey what God has told you?  Who will you tell?” And it’s interesting as we talk, how God continues to speak to each of us in quiet and intimate ways.  I’m reminded that Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me.”


Practical Steps in CPM

CPM Best Practice – Training for Trainers (T4T)

Emphasis on training others so they will train others… 2TI 2:2

There are 4 questions that Prevent Christians

  1. What do I say?

    • personal testimony – what God has done for you
  2. Who do I say it to?

    • It’s God’s will for you to win your family
      • make a list of 5 people with whom you are to share
    • Biblical illustrations:
      • Noah,
      • Cornelius,
      • Rahab (offered salvation to her, but she insisted on having it for her family),
      • Lot (maybe if he’d have been a better witness he might not have lost his wife),
      • Philippian jailer,
      • Gaderine demoniac (sent home by Jesus to tell his family)
  3. What makes you think I’ll do this?

    • Peer accountability – giving reports of what has been done
    • People do not meet expectations, they meet inspections.
    • Accountability is holding people accountable for what they said they would do in the way they said they would do it. Two kinds of airlines: those who crash and those who do not. The difference is inspections. Those who have inspections of the work done, don’t crash. Those airlines that rely only on the mechanics looking over their own work, crash. People don’t meet expectations, they only meet inspections.
  4. What do I do if the say yes to Jesus?

    1. teaching others how to hear, obey and follow


  1. There is a kind of person Jesus uses

    1. person of prayer
    2. person who hears the 4 calls
      1. up
      2. down
      3. outward
      4. inward
    3. who thanks God in all that comes
    4. person who see only 2 kinds of people –
      1. those who need evangelizing,
      2. those who need evangelism training
  2. There are persons of peace scattered throughout society

    1. the only way to find them is to evangelize them
  3. Everyone can participate in evangelism and CP but not everyone will do it…

    1. so train every Christian but continue with do-ers of the Word,not just hearers only
  4. The most effective evangelism comes from someone who knows you and loves you

    1. it is God's plan for the good news to flow through families

  5. Though everyone can participate in evangelism & church planting, some are uniquely gifted.

    1. these are called "Super-Spreaders"

Creating a CPM Ethos 

  1. Just Do It!!
  2. Church planting is not rocket science or brain surgery! (or even rocket surgery or brain science)
  3. It is a great joy to win someone to Christ…
  4. It is a greater joy to plant a church…
  5. It is the greatest joy to train someone else to plant a church!

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