21 December 2010

Chasing the dream…

Nick and Laura Rousey are great kids - out there chasing the dream!  His: to serve God by playing the PGA and provide for his family.  Laura's: to serve God, have a family and home and teach 8th grade kids English.

And the cool thing is that Laura has laid aside some of her have-a-family, own-a-house dream
Nick and Laura Rousey – chasing the dream and remaining faithful!
s to allow Nick to pursue his dream of professional golf.  As this video shows, pro golf is not all glitz and glamour.  Often, more guts than glory! 

And when school’s in, Laura’s home doing a job, making a paycheck while Nick’s on the tour. Big old sacrifice here for both of them!

Nick and Laura were in our “Flipping Through Philippians” study earlier this year and I was able to hear their dreams and hope and disappointments.

But they are the kind of folks who are worthy of of our prayers.  The Hooter’s Tour is possibly not the most godly atmosphere.  Probably not like sitting in a “Flipping Through Philippians” Bible study.  But Nick talks about remaining faithful to God (and Laura) and being a true witness to his peers as he travels and plays.  He’s told me of real-life conversations with other golfers that bring tears to my eyes.

Nick and Laura are my kinda 21st Century heroes.  Serving Jesus in the real world driven by a passion that they consider a gift from God.

So, how about you and me?  Are we driven by a passion from God?  Are we "sideliners" in the game of life?  Are we willing to sacrifice for our dream? 

My prayer for Nick and Laura is that they win it all and give all the credit to a great and mighty Jesus!

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