29 April 2009

Where have all the Fathers gone? Long time passing...

My friend James Graham spoke at Globe's IGM last night on SPIRITUAL PARENTING and DISCIPLE-MAKINGIt was a powerful time!

He said:

WE HAVE A CHOICE – WE CAN BE A MANAGER OR WE CAN BE A PARENT.   There are certain promises a spiritual parent makes. WE HAVE A CHOICE

    • Focus on performance
    • Focus on behavior
    • No emotional connection.
    • No permanent investment.
    • No true transparency.
  • OR WE CAN BE A PARENT, saying and demonstrating.
    • You can trust me
    • I'll believe the best about you.
    • I'll be there for you.
    • I'll share my life with you.
    • I'll tell you the truth.

So, the world (and the Church!) cries out for some really savvy, loving, forgiving, kind and compassionate DISCIPLE-MAKERS who see themselves as true spiritual fathers and mothers!

It's not about control but true growth and wholeness!


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