28 April 2009

Apostle to the Cage Fighters...

I continue a dialogue with Eric, the Apostle to the Cage Fighters... He said earlier:

"...I would trust my life and the life of my family to my tribe before I let the church anywhere near them! Why? The tribe holds loyalty as a virtue above all else. And I know that if I was gone and something happened on my farm, it would be the fighters not the church that would come to help my wife and kids."

He writes me here again...

Hey Glenn,

Just to prove my point…

Got a call a couple of days ago from a promoter in another state. He offered me the fight of a life time for a little guy like me (not to mention it will pay for my next two mission trips).

I signed the contract and several of my church friends are upset with me about it being in a casino. After a conversation with a church friend that one of my unbelieving fighter friends was in on, I was down. The conversation went like this:

Church friend: "God would not approve of you fighting or being in a casino."

Fighter friend’s response: "I have seen Eric in many different situations and he is always talking about Jesus. I think – knowing the people that will be there that night – it is the very place Eric needs to be."

You see it was the tribe that protected me. I am slowly winning these guys. We now spend about 15 minutes reading about the battles in the Old Testament before practice. That is a huge step.

By the way please pray for me on the 12th of June. If I win it means nearly a half years salary in one night…

Whatta ya gonna do with people like this? (smile)


  1. That is deep. "When we Be the church, outside the church, we crush satan's head."
    Zakk Cumbess
    Youth Pastor
    New Covenant Church

  2. When will we ever learn that we will never understand it all. The "locals' must have felt the same when Jesus came and did His daily deeds. Is preaching to cage fighters any more difficult for us than eating and associating with tax collectors and adulterers
    was for them?

  3. David! Thanks for weighing in on this! You got it!


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