15 April 2009

Just when we thought we had a corner on spirituality...

While recently speaking to a group of ministry leaders, I mentioned that we - the church in North America - spent two decades fighting against "secular humanism."  And we trained a generation to defend God, Christianity, the Gospel and the church against the evil foe -- as if God or the Gospel needed defending. 

But, now, I said, everyone believes themselves to be spiritual beings.  They see themselves as spiritual and connected to God apart from church and "organized religion." You can see my post about that here.  Ed Stetzer - the Baptist guy who is everywhere and head research dude with Lifeway says:

"...73 percent of unchurched twentysomethings consider themselves "spiritual" and would like to know more about "God or a higher supreme being." This is 11 percent higher than among unchurched individuals who are 30 years old and older. They are also significantly more likely to attend church or a small group than older, unchurched generations."

You can read and listen to Ed here and read more here.  (I'm not necessarily hawking Ed's book, but hey! he agrees with me!  What can I say? (big grin))

Tomorrow, I want to share a letter from a pomo guy about his Jesus walk and his tribe...

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