14 April 2009

Just thinking...

Coupla things...

  • This morning a friend of mine who teaches English to a particular group of Saudi Muslim guys here in the States called me. "Yesterday," he said, "They asked me to explain to them about Easter! So today I'm explaining Easter to them!" "Wow, I said, "The Lord sure lays them out for you doesn't He?" So we talked for a few more minutes and I'm grinning from ear-to-ear! "They'll be very curious about Easter because Islam teaches that Jesus didn't really die on the cross, but rather just sort of 'swooned.' And then there'll be questions all about Easter eggs and all that. You'll have to explain that..." "That I can handle," he replied. "They're Wahabist (a sect of Islam like Osama bin Laden) so they will understand all the peripherals in Islam..." Whoa! And this guy's calling me! I'm humbled and pumped as God is doing some cool things!
  • I'm planning a trip to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda in September for Phyllis and I. It'll be a teaching/ministry trip initiated by my friend David Finke in Dar es Salam. His father, Bill and I did some teaching a bunch of years back about reproductive church planting and a group of guys took it to heart, and now we're going to visit a group of churches in the bush in Tanzania. I also hope to visit Manna Bible Institute in Nairobi and maybe even get to Kampala for a few days. I'm praying and working hard to put together the funds to take Phyllis along.
  • I keep thinking about stuff I'd like to do weekend seminars about here in the USA:
    • Building on Your Strengths
    • They Ain't the Same: The Leadership/Manager Team
    • Building Leadership Teams God's Way
    • Disciple-making and Spiritual Children
    • Developing a Scorecard for Missions

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