14 January 2009

On mission with God...

This morning, I'm sort of basking in the afterglow of last night's IGM.  Even in a huge day of fatigue, I had the privilege of teaching once again Why God Thinks He Can Use YouThis is one of my seminal teachings that I do annually and one day want to put in a book. (I do it again in Mobile at IGO on Thursday night.)

The premise basically is that God redemptively invests Himself in us by calling us, gifting us, anointing us and sending us into the world in a grand partnership with Him.  We are called and sent to be God's people for the good of the world.

Yesterday, my friend Bill Kinnon, that great and opinionated Canadian video wizard, posted a link to an animated classic The Man Who Planted Trees after first mentioning it in his blogSo, being the guy I am - replaying last nights teaching in my head and heart and thinking about being on mission with God - I took a cup of coffee and watched it.

Truly as I watched, it was one of those great missional moments as I experienced anew a vision of grace.  Grace, grace, grace as in simple unabashed trust, the living awesome God invests in us and asks us to redeem His world. 

It is a missional partnership between a trusting, loving, sacrificing God and us.  And we're supposed to be like Him - giving ourselves for the world.  We're not here for ourselves, but for others.

(I know I'm using the word "missional" way too much.  Especially since it's the catch word of the day!  But It seems to be the word of my heart best describing what I'm sensing and appreciating.)

So, take a few minutes (it's about half an hour long) and watch The Man Who Planted Trees.  And let it impact you.

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  1. Me. Opinionated. Why I Never...waste an opportunity. Heh. Heh. Heh.
    It's a great video. Thanks for pointing it out to your network, bro.
    Would you also pop back over to MT and post a comment on the Parable Post that features the video.


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