12 January 2009

Even JACK BAUER gets it and gets involved in Missions

My friend Doug Lucas writes:

EVEN JACK BAUER GETS INVOLVED -- Did you catch the premier of "24" last night? ...Anyway, even Jack is getting involved in mission work! The two-hour "teaser" movie in November placed him in an imaginary land called "Sangala." I figure they grabbed the ending sound of "Kampala," used the
opened "s" sound to remind us of Sudan, and then incorporated themes from all 3 nations -- Rwanda, Uganda, and Sudan. See the "24" wiki at


But no matter where "Sangala" is, the point is -- Jack was there, doing, of all things, mission work. Last night's kick-off of 24's *7th* season even featured tangible ways that viewers could get involved... including


If you're a fan, be sure to catch Kiefer in the feature video at


It seems to me that... celebrities do some pretty crazy things these days (can anybody say "Britney Spears?"). Kiefer Sutherland himself (the guy who plays Jack Bauer in "24") was arrested in September, 2007, for Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol). Fans were floored when he pleaded no contest, then insisted that he serve his entire 48 days of jail time in a "normal" jail cell. I'm not suggesting that "Jack Bauer
got religion." What I *am* saying is that it's good to see a superstar use his celebrity influence for a cause that addresses a true global concern -- instead of publicly flaunting his riches publicly for something ridiculous.

"24" continues its global theme in this new season by examining how involved the USA will become in a genocide in Africa, even though it's on the other side of the world (not unlike what's been happening in Sudan). Events are occurring in real time.

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