26 December 2008

Boxing Day thoughts...

Today is "Boxing Day" in a large part of the world.

But this year we are not in a "large part of the world," we are in South Georgia, so Boxing Day will not be observed. For many friends, they will have the day off but it's just because it's Friday after Christmas. And some people will have to work and some people will have to shop.

I keep thinking about 2009... It seems to be just around the corner and it seems to loom over me fraught with huge possibilities and dangers. Here's what some of it looks like:

  • Globe International - training
    • Institute for Global Ministry (IGM)
      • Pensacola - we begin on Tuesday 6 January. This is our third IGM and we expect over twenty students. IGM is for exploration of missions, cross-cultural work and God's calling for people living in the Pensacola area. It involves lots of study, inspiration and projects.
        • Unreached People Group (UPG) research paper
        • 3 Weekend seminars (elective)
        • Ethnic church apprenticeships
        • Pathways and coffee
      • Development of possible IGM's in Michigan and Pennsylvania for 2010
        • This is going to take some work and coordination! Yikes!
    • NextStep - missions training course
      • We've changed the name of Boot Camp for 2009 to NextStep to better indicate what it's for. We will maintain the same intensity and up-early get-it-done atmosphere, but it will perhaps be a little longer and include a practical service project to actually put into practice some of the things learned. We are still working on both dates and venue for NextStep 2009...
    • Globe School of Ministry (GSOM)
      • I hope to further develop GSOM into a more powerful instrument of learning for Globe missionaries, interns and candidates. Often people are weak theologically and biblically not only in missions but in most areas. GSOM continues to be used to bolster this up and give strength for service.
    • Globe EDGE
      • Right now I'm looking at some pre-publication books to use for EDGE. Some months back we studied The Shaping of Things to Come by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost and it was interesting to have people from all over the world studying the book together with interweb interaction. The goal here is to keep skills, spirituality and knowledge "sharp."
    • Launch - Globe Candidate School
      • development for 2010
    • Passport - Globe Intern Program
      • assisting the revamping and and development
  • International teaching, training and travel
    • Sochi, Russia - March 2009. I'll be doing some teaching and working to help Nick and Olga develop a house church network.
    • NextStep - June or July 2009
    • Egypt ??
    • Morocco ??
  • The Book
    • Why God Thinks He Can Use You
      • I'm determined to have this done this year. And it's closer than it has been. Sooo close - but yet so far away...
  • Eikon Associates - coaching for life's journey
    • I am in process of certification as a coach (life coach, career coach, transition coach - call it as you see it). Coaching is a highly structured, biblically grounded process aimed at providing the tools to 21st century Christian leaders for growth and focus. I will begin more to offer my services in this capacity.
    • Certification should be complete by June, but I'm beginning to coach now...
    • I hope to network with other coaches who offer expertise in many areas...

So, I'm thinking this morning about a lot of things. And writing them down - even in a blog - helps me sort them out.

Please pray for me! Yikes and double yikes!

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