04 September 2010

Change is good! You go first!

Eddie Hammett says, “Change values before you change structures.”

But obviously he doesn’t understand. It’s easier to change structures. It’s easier to make new packaging than new contents. It’s easier to talk about change while continuing to hold the same values. It’s hard to have a value-change.

Because values are descriptive rather than prescriptive. “Values” really describes behavior. What we value will determine how we spend our talent, time and treasure. What we value will be reflected in the way we live our lives. Check out how much time you spend with your wife and family and you’ll see your family values. Look at how much you give to world missions – really give (look at the checkbook!) – and you can see how much you value the Great Commission! Look at what you do with your “leisure time” and you will see you values. If you live with a TGIF mentality, how much do you value your job?

We think we are in a time of great structural change, but I’m not so sure about the value change. And in spite of all our chatter about change and the need for change, because we don’t know how to change our values, I’m not sure we know how to change anything for long.

Maybe more later…

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  1. I bumped into this using the next blog.. Thanks it made me think.


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