04 July 2010

Travel in the 21st century is always a trip...

So I woke up this morning in Scotland...

Travel in the 21st century is always a trip.  We started in Pensacola on a flight filled (to overflowing) with young Marines and Sailors.  A noisy boisterous bunch on weekend liberty and headed to connections in Atlanta.  And, the plane gets grounded.  It had flow in from Atlanta with warning lights because of some engine problems. So after an hour delay they grounded it. 

Unhappy Marines.  Unhappy Sailors.  But light at the end of the tunnel! A spend-the-night-in-Pensacola-Delta flight arrived and they decided to put us on it.  The Marines and Sailors are happy, but still a little up set that they will miss the connections taking them home - as one guy said - to where "mama has dinner on the table."

But the pilot comes out and says, "Guys, I'm the pilot of this craft and I feel your pain.  I'm 21 years in the Marines and I want you guys to get where you need to be.  So I'm authorizing my copilot to fly 'at the speed of heat." I'm telling him as soon as the tower gives us the okay, that he's gonna fly it like he stole it and get us into Atlanta! Semper fi!" 

So we took off with the echoing Hoo-Ha's and cheers hanging in the air!  And made it to Atlanta in less than half and hour.

Travel in the 21st century is always a trip. 

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