27 June 2010

So I guess the world's worst blogger must start again...

Jane, my lovely married daughter asked why I didn't blog any more.  (Actually I was shocked that she had been reading it and perhaps was missing it.  But then again, as newly-weds, they don't have a tv, so that might be why she'd read my blog...) But, I guess it's because I do a lot of other things -- Twitter, FaceBook, teach, train, coach (and my coaching website has a blog page www.eikonassociates.com), write books (!) - so that I don't appear to have the time.

But there's not a place I actually "speak" my mind in a forum for response.  There's not a place that I can actually "put it out there" so that folks know where I am - in the moment.

So I guess I'll begin blogging again... maybe it'll be interesting.  But no promises.

Just so you know... Today I'm ministering at Harvest Church Pensacola at 8:30 and 10:00 AM.  It's live-streamed at www.harvestpensacola.com

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