14 January 2010

It's a funny world...

Maybe it's just me, but it's a funny world when:

  • people can go from being elected governors of various states -(governor! for Pete's sake!) overseeing other people's lives, responsible for executing laws, stewards of public trust, etc. to becoming news commentators and interviewers and no one seems to see that as a "step down" and somehow compromising. Seems to be no disjuncture in our minds between "leading" and "commentating." I can't imagine Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill having a prime-time complain and harass show. But maybe - if they'd had the technology. Or needed the money. Or needed to remain in the spotlight for future ventures... (hummm)
  • it becomes news-worthy who comes on TV at 11:30 at night. These guys get paid chunks of money to make jokes, act a wee bit stupid, be irreverent and ingrain themselves in American culture. In the grand scheme of things, does it matter? And then the late night personalities get paid to diss and deride their bosses for making decisions they don't like. I know it's all about status and cash, but it seems so petty in the real world. And it seems inane to allow TV personalities to deride their employers. Just so you know: Real people can't do that in real life. Not and still get paid.
  • someone who doesn't really get "organic church" can say as a movement it's dead.
  • Angelina and Brad can give a million dollars to Haiti relief - snap! - just like that.
  • we can be in the middle of a two-front war and we can expect life and the economy to continue in a "business as usual" way. A war costs money and probably needs a level of public and personal sacrifice to actually be won.
  • gasoline prices fluctuate wildly and no one seems to know why. Or if they know, they ain't telling.
  • that Fiat now has controlling interest in Chrysler. Fiat! When was the last time you knew anybody who owned - ok, ever even saw - a Fiat! At least when it was Daimler/Benz we though something good could actually happen. But Fiat has some nice smaller cars in Europe. Can't imagine small 2 1/2 seat Chryslers, somehow.
  • we lose the plot... we lose the story... we lose the mission and yet wonder why we're frustrated

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