13 October 2009

He's Bacccccck

Been away!

July, Phyllis and I were in Nicaragua for most of the month with the Globe NextStep Missions Training School.  What a great bunch of folks to be with!!  Then in August we were in Valdosta, Georgia where I was "holed up" in my study (lovingly dubbed "The Cave" - although it's nice) doing some writing.  And in September, we traveled to East Africa ministering and visiting old friends in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.  I was in the bush with church-planting pastors, in big cities with passionate Jesus-loving entrepreneurs and with heart-driven missionaries.

So, we've been away.

But there are about a million things in my heart and mind that I want to share with you.  Now I just need the time to actually do it.  Blog it. Write it.

I need to talk/write about what I see in the church and what I see in the Kingdom.  And what I sense in the Spirit.  Good things as well as troubling.

We live in both the best of times and the worst of times!  Wow, wow and wow!

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