08 June 2009

Rabbits and Elephants

I'm reading Tony & Felicity Dale's new book "The Rabbit and the Elephant: Why Small is the New Big for Today's Church ."  I'm excited about it for several reasons:

  • It's very readable
  • It's giving background as well as "how-to's" regarding Simple Churchimage
  • It is a well marketed book so many people will have access and get on with the task of bringing people into fellowship both with God through Jesus Christ and with one another.
  • They sent me a pre-pub, so it was free. 

And I am constantly reminded that I spend entirely too much money on books.  I am as thirsty for knowledge and better understanding today as I was when I was 18!  I want to know everything about everything!  And especially about God's Kingdom and His church and about His Word!

One of my big concerns as we teach people to go and plant "rabbit churches," is that because we come from "elephant churches" whatever we plant starts growing a trunk!  And cumbersome, "big-ole churches" don't reproduce very well or offer more than a place to attend and assume the position of spectator.

Spectators are nice if you are the performer.  But of you are the equipper, spectators just get in the way!

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