25 May 2009

Everybody gets to play!

Recently spoke at Harvest Church in Pensacola, FL on "Everybody Gets's to Play." (click on Focus series) The audio begins with an interview with Bill and Chris Robinson (IGM graduates '08) who have now gone to be with the Lord... in Costa Rica!

It was a quick look at why everybody gets to play, more than a how everybody get's to play.

It was a fun morning...

I finished by giving these points:

If in deed everybody gets to play – including me…

  1. Everything I do must agree with the Mission of Jesus…Redeem (REDEMPTION)... Reconcile (RECONCILLIATION)... Restore (RESTORATION)
  2. My ultimate intent must be to "Glorify God – reflect who He is – and to benefit others..."
  3. Somewhere there must be a certain element of sacrifice? The laying down of our life...
  4. I must play as a disciple…
  5. Playing involves a certain amount of faith
  6. Does my part agree with the Kingdom Principle? (Lordship of Jesus, Kingdom of God)
  7. Is may part bigger than me and mine? Are the results long-term or short-term?

Between the BIG THINGS that I cannot do, and the SMALL THINGS that I will not do, there is the possibility that I will actually do nothing…

So, everybody gets to play! Will we? Can we?

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