19 April 2009

Brave new - or is it old? - thinking...

I know you've all read these things... they're old, but just in case you didn't... 

End of Christian America here.  As if it ever was.  Maybe the headline should read: MISSION FIELD ARRIVES IN AMERICA ALTHOUGH IT NEVER LEFT! (Please don't hate me or throw things at me!)

Ed Stetzer in an interview with Biola Magazine says:

"I think there's some discomfort with the modern evangelical machine that has produced a catered, franchise, packaged Christianity that is pretty neat and freeze-dried. I think people are looking for something that is more transformational, more organic, and missional has become that which people rally to. There are other people using other words -- like "externally focused" -- which are describing similar ideas."

Sound familiar?  Could be the Lord speaking to your heart, huh?

Also, some amazing ideas about morality... namely "emotionally-learned" morals here in the NY Times article by David Brooks.  He says:

The rise and now dominance of this emotional approach to morality is an epochal change. It challenges all sorts of traditions. It challenges the bookish way philosophy is conceived by most people. It challenges the Talmudic tradition, with its hyper-rational scrutiny of texts. It challenges the new atheists, who see themselves involved in a war of reason against faith and who have an unwarranted faith in the power of pure reason and in the purity of their own reasoning.

Could "emotionally-learned" parts of our lives be the spiritual parts?  The imago dei?  That deep, deep untouched and mostly unexplored parts of us that touches God and reaches out to Him?

You know me... I'm thinking "yes."

I see these "developments" as a sign that God is at work.  That He's always been at work and that He wants us - the Church - in partnership with Him in His Work.

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