20 March 2009

Let me confess my unfinished reads...

These are some books I've begun (or at least scanned) and that I need to either begin again or at least pick up where I stopped and finish:

  • The Subversion of Christianity -- Jacques Ellul  (profound, but I keep laying it down.  Don't know why...)
  • Mission-shaped Church -- Mission-Shaped Church working Group (UK) (bought in Cambridge some years back but keep trying to get through it...)
  • Community and Growth -- Jean Vanier (I just found my treasured, dog-eared, printed-in-India-in-1983 copy! And I am so excited!)
  • The Reason for God -- Timothy Keller
  • Transforming Mission -- Bosch  (for me this is more of a text/reference book that a real read..)
  • Church Planting -- Stuart Murray
  • Maps of Time -- David Christian
  • The Mission of God -- Timothy Wright
  • Organic Leadership -- Neal Cole
  • Missional Renaissance -- Reggie McNeal (this one I'm taking on a trip so I can read it... I preordered it and for some reason haven't been able to jump in...)

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen the present unfinished reading list. 

I feel better.  Confession is good for the soul.

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