18 February 2009

Why I twitter

As usual, my friend Bill Kinnon...

(I really do know this guy.  I mean really.  He's Canadian.  And I know him.  He's like famous and yes - it's true, I know him.  He like goes to the Sundance Film Festival and talks to famous people.  He makes documentaries.  And I know him.  I mean I've had breakfast with him.  Really. And like lunch too.  And I even tried on his glasses to see how I'd look.  I mean, really, I know this guy.  I mean we'd even stop on the street if hypothetically I was like walking down the street - in the snow - like in Toronto,  we'd stop and talk.  I know him.  Really.  I do.)

...nails it about Twitter and why some of us do it.  Right here.

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  1. Who did you say you were again?

    Heh, heh, heh.

    I'm sending you a couple of jpegs - one of how I define the MO event in iPhoto (with your picture wearing my glasses) and the actual shot - with a bit of fixing in PS. I took it with my cell phone, after all.


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