24 February 2009

Home from Saginaw

Phyllis and I are back in sunny Pensacola, FL after a great weekend in snowy Saginaw, Michigan.snow creature

Phyllis was the guest speaker/minister at New Life Christian Fellowship's Ladies' Retreat while Ken Cline - the NLCF pastor - and I watched snow come down in buckets!

Sunday morning I spoke at  NLCF to a great group of folks who seem to love us.  (Which is quite a task!)  You can listen here and you can see the PowerPoint here.

I love those wonderful people and Ken and Joan.  Ken is a true spiritual son, who listens when I talk.  And the whole church has a heart for those who do not know Jesus, for the nations and a great vision to grow leaders for the Kingdom!


(BTW, that's not really me in the photo.  Just in case you were confused...)

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