05 January 2009

Missional Tribe is sent on the mission...

Some of my buddies (and buddettes) from 2007's Seabeck missional tribeMissional Order gathering have launched a new website/community over at missionaltribe.org .  Knowing these folks as I do, it will be a thought-provoking and fun place.  And it launches tomorrow but today you can get a 7 second tease, so drop by and give a look!

I know this is birthed out of a sense and desire for community and mission!  Let's see where this will go! 

I'm reminded of several years ago being in a meeting where Bill Taylor, then Executive Director of the WEF Missions Commission, was speaking.  To a group of missionaries working in hard, creative-access areas, he pled for us to be a generation of "contemplative practitioners."  This phrase has stayed in my mind and in my heart: "contemplative practitioners."  We have a a lot of voices in the missional conversation, but I'm pretty sure over at missionaltribe.org there will be both light as well as heat!  I love these guys/gals and appreciate their vision, candor and wisdom!  They are both "contemplative" and "practitioners" of being sent and sending...


  1. I'm looking forward to you and Phyllis being part of the Tribe, Glenn. And I further hope that we can figure out some Missional Tribe gathering in the middle of the North American continent this summer.

  2. very cool, glenn! thanks - and see you tomorrow ...


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