27 December 2008

Where does all this intersect?

Well, Christmas 2008 is past. History. Over.

But I'm still thinking about it. I got a Twitter (Tweet?) from Len Sweet on Christmas, something about trying to move his kids toward a "kiva.org Christmas" and I've been thinking about that ever since. That and the question about "us being right and them being wrong." My answer to the right/wrong question was very missional - about going and serving. But how do we (you and me, and mostly me!) changr to a kiva.org way of thinking?

And add to this, I keep thinking about something I'm developing to teach regarding "scorecards" for life and ministry. Included in this scorecard are:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Resources
  • Strengths

Vision is about what you see, where you're going. Values have to do with our orientation for decision-making and our internal integrity. And what we actually reward. Resources refer to those things we can use and utilize in life: time, money, people, technology. And of course, strengths have to do with who we are and the things we are innately good at doing.

(For some of you who don't know kiva.org is an internet micro-finance system where penny-ante investors can invest internationally in third-world projects. Kiva,org supplies small loans to worthwhile entrepreneurs. You don't get interest on your loan. you do get it paid back, but with no profit. At least in dollars and cents.)

And "kiva thinking" falls into this scorecard grid. Somewhere. Somewhere in the middle of values, vision and resources there is the Jesus-thing of giving and living. And living to give. And it's point somewhere in time and space where they intersect. Living and giving in the real world.

And that's where I want to live. And teach others to live.

Pray for me!

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